“Dr.” “Ambassador” Haissam Bou-Said CRIMINAL

Haissam Bou Said is not a “REAL-WORLD” Diplomat in any way, shape or form.

He claims to be a representative of many organizations. These are all fake organizations, or he has created organizations with similar names to real ones, and thus through fraud making it seem, that he is a diplomat of such an organization.

His criminal side-kick “Dr.” Davide Ciocarrelli is a known criminal in Italy.¬†Together they have now created IHRC (Italy), which has NOTHING to do with the real IHRC based out of Pakistan.

Bou-Said is NOT a diplomat of Principauté du Nouveau-Texas, nor any UN affiliated entitity or organization.

If he, or his side-kick, the known fraudster Davide Ciocarrelli, known for forging passports, or selling passports, but only taking the money, and not delivering any – then you should be very careful in contact with these two individuals.

Also the organization called “Interdipco”, is a fantasy-organization dreamt up by these two scammers, and they have no connections to Interpol – other than being wanted by the organization.

Both Bou-Said and Ciocarrelli have served prison sentences, so it is quite obvious, that such persons can never be diplomats. Not real diplomats – perhaps some fantasy micronation would have them, but soon fire them, as they find out what kind of persons they are dealing with.